About Devoted Living

Remember the parable of the ten virgins, five which took oil in their lamps and five which did not? Do you remember the last thing Yeshua‘ says in that parable? “Watch therefore;…” The “sons of light” know the word of God, obey his commandments, and keep his feasts and sabbaths. The very nature of what they are doing during the courses of YHVH’s cycles of righteousness makes them alert and watching. In the Hebrew culture the “sons of darkness”, or “sons of the night”, are those who do not know the Word of God and have not the light of YHVH. The prospective bride is to come to Him to live in His land and to leave the old land behind. The clear picture here is that scriptural salvation involves departing from where

you were to come and dwell in your Creator’s land, in His ways, His culture, and in His family.
John 14: 15-18; 26 | Matt 28: 18-20 | Ex 20:6
These verses, among many, reveal to us that Yeshua will leave, but He will send the Comforter in His name to teach and remind us to observe all things. The same pattern of response is found throughout Scripture among true followers of YHVH. The declaration that Yeshua’ has not only redeemed us but sustains us with His Word (Torah).
We desire to follow in the footsteps of the Comforter and to teach and display these things, and bring them to remembrance (John 14:26).